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Best Overall in the TELOS Investor Screening 2014 for the 6th year in a row

Institutional investors grade their asset managers and give top marks to Berenberg

Hamburg. Institutional investors place the highest value on portfolio management, product quality, and quality of advice. That is the conclusion of the client satisfaction study conducted by the rating agency Telos and the advisory firm Homburg & Partner, which examined, in addition to the current and future 

situation of the market, also clients' satisfaction with and loyalty to their asset managers. Once again, Berenberg was named the overall winner. 

In a total of 219 interviews, investors evaluated the asset managers with whom they currently work. The main criteria influencing the client satisfaction of 

institutional investors in 2014 were portfolio management, product quality, and quality of advice. In total, the study evaluated 12 performance categories, which affect client satisfaction in different ways. Institutional investors named Berenberg the best bank in the categories of risk management, sector expertise, and product offering. 

“Above all, this repeat honour proves that a specialised asset manager like Berenberg, one that offers active quantitative investment strategies, is especially capable of fulfilling the needs of many investors for transparency and risk 

management,” said Tindaro Siragusano, Head of Asset Management at Berenberg. “We will continue to pursue our strategy of internationalisation and growth in the future. In everything we do, nothing is more important to us than the success of our clients. The permanent satisfaction of our clients encourages us to continue on this course.”

Remarkably, Berenberg leads in client satisfaction not only in the group of small asset managers (up to € 15 billion in assets under management), but also scored the highest overall satisfaction ratings in the groups of medium-sized (€ 15 to € 40 billion) and large asset managers (more than € 40 billion).

Berenberg’s approach to asset management is characterised by an active, quantitative style of investment. Transparency, objectivity, and rigorous methodology are the main guiding principles that govern Berenberg’s portfolio management activity on all decision levels of the investment process. Berenberg's offering for institutional investors encompasses overlay strategies to systematically hedge interest rate, equity, currency, and commodity risks, as well as the management of minimum value limits, volatility-based strategies to generate income independently of market performance, and quantitative selection strategies for equities and bonds.

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