Projects supported in 2013

Below you will find an overview of our support projects from 2013.

JAF e.V.

Generation@ Creative Gaming project module

As young people’s reality of life would be unthinkable without computer games Creative Gaming had the idea to expand the function of computer games and discover their creative potentials. In school-based workshops, 7th to 10th grade pupils develop their own game design or create films. They understand the principles underlying computer games and utilise and convert them for their own purposes. In this way, participants learn how to make use of their own creative potential and personal creativity, and to use games to communicate and explain their positions. We contributed to the costs incurred for the implementation of the project.

Deichtorhallen GmbH

Arts club

The Deichtorhallen museum in Hamburg has set up an arts club to contribute to the advancement of young people interested in art. The format is directed at adolescents aged between 16 and 25 years requiring assistance when facing the decision which career to pursue in the creative arts. This age group has outgrown museums’ established educational offerings, while the events devised for adults from the educated classes do not appeal to them. The arts club offers room for dedicated discussions, ideas and projects. Open events are targeted specifically at young people in the occupational decision-making phase and offer information providing orientation in the fields of art and culture.

Förderkreis krebskranke Kinder e.V.

Help for children with cancer

This support group for children with cancer was set up in Stuttgart by the parents of children with cancer in 1982. It helps affected families quickly and unbureaucratically and offers them financial assistance, psychosocial projects and fairly pragmatic measures. We financially contributed to the support group to help individual affected families.

Stiftung „Ein Platz für Kinder“

Matt’s Castle

The foundation Ein Platz für Kinder (A Place for Children) initiates shelters for sexually abused and traumatised children aged between 3 and 12 years. The aim is to offer children suffering from violence as well as their families a differentiated range of diagnostic/therapeutic services which are geared to their particular biography and history of suffering. Following the shelter in Hanover, another one was built in Hamburg, which is to provide a sanctuary to some 10 children. The new Matt’s Castle was opened in 2014. Our donation contributed to building this refuge.

Berenberg Wappen