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Berenberg Impact Investing Conference 2013

In addition to financial returns, more and more investors are also interested in social and/or ecological benefits through impact investing. As a contribution to establishing this new approach in Germany, Berenberg hosted a conference on 3 September 2013 in Hamburg where opportunities and challenges were  described and perspectives illuminated by idea creators, investors and investees. Participants were able to learn and exchange views about this new trend at the all-day conference. Many well-known speakers and discussion participants provided insight into their expertise and experience.

Impact Investing

There is not enough philanthropic capital in the form of donations and funds from foundations or development aid from governments available to solve the most urgent problems of our time on a global scale. Business-oriented capital will also be necessary for this purpose. One trend arising from this thought in the investment environment of foundations and philanthropically minded individuals is “impact investing,” which creates a kind of bridge from donations and endowments to profit-maximizing investments. The emphasis is not only on the financial interests of the impact investor; the contribution to solving social and ecological problems is usually at least as important.

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Impact Investing 2.0

Allocations to impact investments make up a small but rapidly growing part of the global sustainable and responsible investment market. What are global drivers and trends that will shape this rapidly growing field?   

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BARBARISM VS. UTOPIA - Adressing social challenges with profitable business models

Berenberg London Private Banking and Big Society Capital welcomed Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of Grameen Bank, Professor Muhammad Yunus and CEO of Danone, Emmanuel Faber, who discussed the role of social business within global corporations.

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Berenberg hosted “A Conversation with Professor Muhammad Yunus”

The harsh geographic and economic environment of Bangladesh is, perhaps, not a likely birthplace for an inspiring entrepreneurial achievement which continues to have a profound affect on the means by which companies, customers and charities develop their business strategies alongside their social and environmental responsibilities. 

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Cover of the study "From Blueprint to Scale"

Presentation of the study, “From Blueprint to Scale”

The lines between the business and non-profit sectors are becoming increasingly blurred and new approaches such as impact investing are finding their way into non-profit objectives.

Impact investments are seen as those which also address a social or ecological problem in addition to pursuing financial returns. Unlike a donation, an impact investment is expected to yield a positive social return (the impact) in addition to repayment of the invested capital with interest or dividends. Special attention is given to market-based solutions and entrepreneurial approaches in the fight against poverty through “social business.”

What role can be played here by sponsors, large donors and social investors? Answers to these and similar questions can be found in the study by Monitor Inclusive Markets, Acumen Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, “From Blueprint to Scale: The Case for Philanthropy in Impact Investing.”

The study was presented at Berenberg by co-author Harvey Koh, Associate Partner at Monitor Inclusive Markets, in Mumbai on 27 September 2012.

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On the Rise – The Emerging Impact Investing Market

Impact investing aims to link social and/or ecological motivations with economic interests. It is a new approach in the investment environment of foundations and philanthropically minded individuals. The emphasis is not only on the financial interests of the impact investor; the contribution to solving social and ecological problems is usually at least as important. As part of a variety of activities to help establish the concept of impact investing in Europe and especially in Germany, Berenberg in collaboration with Beyond Philanthropy is publishing the study, “On the Rise – The Emerging Impact Investing Market,” in English. Headquartered in Berlin, Beyond Philanthropy advises individuals, families, foundations, and companies in social investment.

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