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Wealth Management

Preserving wealth over the long term

Managing private wealth successfully requires a steady and considered approach. Berenberg has managed assets effectively for more than 420 years. As a privately owned bank we continue to manage our business in the same careful and responsible way today.

We apply this approach consistently across all our wealth Management investments and services. For our clients this approach means continuity through a long-term view. Working together we find ways to preserve and grow wealth for this generation and the next.

A safe and stable partner

Berenberg is managed by two personally liable partners, reflecting our conservative business strategy. This structure underpins personal commitment, trust and responsibility throughout our business. If you are looking for a focused and unbiased approach to managing your wealth from a secure financial institution, Berenberg offers a safe and stable choice.

Delivering investment expertise

Berenberg’s investment philosophy emphasises stable investment returns with careful risk management. We have the resources and expertise to develop strategies combining traditional and alternative investments. As an independent firm we provide unbiased access to leading and relevant investments.

Our specialist teams have experience of investing through economic cycles and adapting to changing conditions in the global economy and financial markets. We draw on the work of Berenberg’s economists and research teams in our investment banking and asset management divisions as well as our extensive access to the global capital markets.

A modern and efficient service

Our culture and values are important to us yet we continue to find new ways to deliver a modern and efficient service. Investing in technology enables us to provide relevant and transparent information to you. We ensure you receive the attention you require by taking the time to offer clear advice as part of our comprehensive wealth management service.

Investment strategies

You can access our investment expertise in a way that suits you. Our core services include discretionary investment portfolios, which we manage on your behalf, or an advisory service if you would like to stay in control of investment decisions. We also provide a cash management service to manage your liquid assets in a carefully controlled way.


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Discretionary asset management

Our discretionary asset management service is suitable if you would like to delegate the day-to-day responsibility for managing your core investments to us. You gain access to the extensive investment skills and resources of Berenberg’s seasoned teams, leaving you free to focus on other issues.

We incorporate Berenberg's proprietary Sigma technology into our investment process. It provides a framework for analysing your existing assets and then developing a strategy in line with your return expectations and appetite for risk. At all times our focus is to preserve and enhance your wealth.

Our transparent investment process seeks to create a balanced portfolio by diversifying risks across asset classes, regions and styles. We look for opportunities throughout the world’s capital markets drawing on the work of our research teams from around the Berenberg group as well as external experts.

As a privately owned firm we are free to express our investment views in the most efficient ways possible through an open-architecture approach. We identify and then select investments to make sure your portfolio is best positioned to meet your objectives. We then manage your portfolio actively in response to changing conditions in the financial markets and global economy.

Your investment adviser provides regular performance updates. We also encourage you to meet with us in person from time to time to review your strategy and make adjustments to reflect any changes in your circumstances.

Wealth reporting and controlling

The term ‘family office’ is generally taken to mean the management of complex holdings of wealth, although it is not used uniformly in professional circles. Berenberg, for instance, employs its advisory competence in private banking for the successful, long-term management of this family wealth, which we supplement with services like wealth reporting and wealth controlling. Upon request, you can also make use of both offers separately. This combination delivers all of the services that are needed to manage large portfolios. Indeed, the more ample, more complex and more diversified the investment of the wealth is, the harder it is to manage that wealth.

Wealth reporting

We offer you the ideal basis for managing your wealth with our wealth reporting. To ensure comparability, all transactions – from securities and property through to participating interests in company – are recorded in a standardised form. This ensures that the regularly prepared wealth balance sheet shows at a glance which asset classes, which wealth managers and which individual assets have been successful and which not.

Wealth controlling

Wealth controlling goes one step further than wealth reporting. This is an instrument that reinforces active risk management. The control mechanisms encompass various components, including: checking compliance with the investment guidelines; carrying out effective cost control; reviewing the performance of the wealth managers; and determining and assessing the potential risk in the portfolio at regular intervals. This means that wealth controlling forms the basis for tactical or strategic adjustments to the portfolio. At the same time, it can also ease the burden on the wealth-holders, because Berenberg can take on the role of communications interface to both the tax advisor and the banks and wealth managers, upon request.
In the event that an additional wealth manager is to be retained or an existing one removed, Berenberg provides you with effective support in the form of a structured beauty contest. We always select wealth managers according to quantitative factors (like return and risk) and qualitative factors (like stability in the management and investment approach) in order to satisfy your individual requirements to best possible effect.

Investment advisory

If you like to be in control of taking investment decisions but still value advice then Berenberg’s investment advisory service is ideal. You can discuss your investment ideas with our expert advisers, who act as your capable and stable partner. We also identify potential investment opportunities that may be of interest to you.

Our starting point is to define your investment strategy in line with your goals, return expectations and attitude to risk. Working together we discuss the potential of investment ideas and opinions across all asset classes. We also offer guidance on the most effective ways to express your investment views and help you implement them efficiently.

Berenberg combines financial market expertise and insight with a focus on delivering an attentive level of service. Our commitment to building transparent and trusting relationships has helped us become a reliable partner for people investing throughout the world’s capital markets.

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