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Currency Overlay

Since 2006, we have been offering professional investors passive and active FX overlay solutions and have successfully implemented these in individually designed special mandates. We would like to share our many years of experience in Germany, Luxembourg, Great Britain, the USA and Switzerland with you and support you in creating and implementing the appropriate hedging strategy.

Our strategies

Active currency hedging

  • Effective protection of the portfolio in the event of a devaluing foreign currency and participation in an appreciating foreign currency
  • Systematic approach offers added value over passive protection

Passive currency hedging

  • Static hedging ratio to offset all exchange rate effects (volatility)
  • Non-compensated, additive risks are neutralized

Our services

Consulting and portfolio analysis

  • Assess influence of foreign currencies in the context of a portfolio and determine the actual currency risk
  • Develop and continuously evaluate the individual hedging policy

Operating processes and im­ple­men­tation

  • Ensure robust operating pro­cesses, indepen­dent of key persons
  • Operating set up can be chosen at will (e.g. external prime broker or direct trading)


  • Best execution process inde­pen­dent of any specific bank
  • Identification and minimization of indirect costs

Risk manage­ment and reporting

  • Understanding of complex fund structures
  • Appraisal, monitoring and control of existing foreign currencies in accordance with the investment guidelines

Your benefits

Systematic trading decisions

  • Consistent performance charac­teristics
  • Disciplined risk management

Consistent customer focus

  • Professional exchange via work­shops, lectures and publi­cations
  • Each mandate individually adap­ted to the client

Quality in trade

  • Professional best-execution process
  • External transaction cost analysis

Head of Consultants
Michael Kreibich
Phone +49 40 350 60-170

Product Specialist Solutions
Jens Rotterdam
Phone +49 40 350 60-8244