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Investment & Risk Management Solutions

As one of the oldest banks in the world, Investment & Risk Management is integrated into our DNA. We strive for continuous development and contribute our experience and innovative strength to customer-oriented solutions. With our range of products and services, we focus very consciously on the needs of institutional investors. In addition to asset management, our range of services also includes consulting services, for example in the form of workshops. Our solutions can be divided into three areas:

Our added value for institutional investors

Specialised teams

  • Many years of experience in developing and managing systematic and quantitative strategies
  • Deeply rooted in modern financial market research


  • Transparency, objectivity and a systematic approach at all levels of decision-making in the investment process
  • High degree of explainability of performance


  • Risk management integrated in all levels of the investment process
  • Integrated and external capital preservation strategies
  • Overlay-Solutions

Investment Solutions

Multi Asset

As an active manager of globally oriented multi-asset portfolios, our primary goal is to generate added value over passive investment alternatives. Benchmarks serve only as a rough orientation. Competence, implementation strength and traceability are the attributes that distinguish us. Depending on the client's requirements, implementation is either systematic and forecast-free or discretionary, involving the entire Berenberg research platform.

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Fixed Income

Berenberg has successfully managed fixed-income strategies for over 20 years. In the Solutions division, the various strategy modules can be combined and adapted to the specific needs of institutional investors, for example in terms of duration, rating and issuer structure. Risk budgets can be taken into account in the portfolio allocation and controlled via an individual capital preservation overlay.

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Risk Management Solutions

Capital Preservation

Our capital preservation management solutions can be used to limit losses on investments. We achieve this by dynamically controlling the investment ratio in order to maintain an individually defined lower value limit. A daily stress test is used to compare the existing risk in the portfolio with the lower value limit. If the portfolio falls below the lower value limit in the simulated stress scenario, the investment ratio is reduced across all asset classes and there is a shift into money market investments. Value protection can be implemented in all Berenberg Investment Solutions and can either be integrated or used in the form of a risk overlay.

Consulting Solutions

Berenberg Consulting

We provide our institutional clients with holistic advice, taking into account their individual needs in terms of risk tolerance and risk taking capacity as well as return targets. As part of our Strategic Asset Allocation advisory service, we analyse your current portfolio positioning and optimise it towards an optimal, robust overall mandate that is geared to your specific objectives.

We also assist you in identifying financial risks and how these can be managed or ideally avoided. Our expertise ranges from classical overlay solutions and capital preservation concepts to tail risk hedging models. Tailor-made workshop concepts round off our range of services.

If you wish to take sustainability aspects into account in your asset allocation, or are perhaps even required to do so by regulations, we will provide you with comprehensive advice on the possibilities and effects on your portfolio. Whether you need assistance in formulating your ESG policy/investment guidelines or implementing a dedicated ESG investment strategy, our consulting services have the right answers - also in the form of individual education courses.

Our range of services is rounded off by a professional selection of asset managers for investment segments outside the Berenberg product range. This also includes comprehensive advice on the launch of a special fund.

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Head of Consultants
Michael Kreibich
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