We offer various cooperation options for domestic and foreign commercial and savings banks in the Banks Cooperation unit. These institutions and their clients thus gain access to the full range of expertise maintained by the Berenberg Group.

The range of services we provide focuses on cooperation in the following areas:

  • Personal wealth management for private clients
  • Individualised institutional solutions for things like foundations, religious institutions and companies’ liquid assets
  • Customised implementation of ethical and sustainable investment criteria and other specifications
  • In addition, we offer commercial and savings banks top-drawer strategies for the investment of their own moneys, especially beyond the classical asset classes

The cooperation offer is supplemented by a collaboration arrangement in the Corporate Finance segment (Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, M&A) with a view to jointly devise individual ideas in response to the strategic challenges faced by our cooperation partners’ clients. Our aspiration is to act as a qualified advisor to domestic and foreign commercial and savings banks in order to jointly devise solutions for a wide range of topics.

Banks Cooperation
Head of Banks Cooperation
Detlef Meyer
Telephone: +49 40 350 60-445