Asset and succession planning involves various aspects. On the one hand, you – the next generation – need to deal with high responsibilities at an early stage in life and to find your own role within the business or family organisation. On the other hand, asset and succession planning conceals great opportunities for you in the long term. In order to make use of these and retain and increase your assets, it is beneficial to build up an understanding of the mechanism of capital markets and asset investments. We have made it our mission to prepare you for this challenge within the framework of our event, the “Berenberg Academy”, which will give you great insights into asset investment and succession. In 2012 we set up the “Berenberg Academy” for the first time in Hamburg. Since then, we have constantly developed this exclusive event further, respecting the specific requests of our guests. As a result we have incorporated a session on start-up businesses in each event. This year, we are pleased to invite you to our first event in London and look forward to exchanging ideas and discussing a range of topics with you! You want to get more information about the Berenberg Academy? Feel free to contact us!

About the Berenberg Academy
Oliver Meinschien
Telephone: +49 40 350 60-138