Art has taken on lasting significance with private collectors, family offices and companies. Investing in art is a good way to diversify a portfolio. Art creates a certain freedom, and it also has subjective value. Seeing “Art as an Emotional Asset” we work with collections and artworks from all eras. The head of Berenberg Art Consult, Dr. Thomas Kellein, regularly comments on developments on the international art markets.

The demand for art consulting from Berenberg grows from year to year. Some examples: 

  • Sale of an extensive inheritance of modern drawings and paintings. 
  • New clients have acquired important and in some cases very valuable works. 
  • Collaboration between a collector and an artist gave rise to “collateral events” in a public museum at the Venice Biennale. 
  • We have more and more client mandates to strategically realign collections and evaluate thematic collections. 
  • We do due diligence reports for individual works. 
  • We advise on and help with source transportation, insurance, storage and restoration services.
  • We research tax issues, drawing on the knowledge of experts. 
  • We help clients with long-term collection building, with exhibitions and publications. 
Dr. Thomas Kellein
Telephone: +41 44 284 -2196

Art fair attendance

We regularly accompany clients at the big international art fairs in Maastricht, Hong Kong, Cologne, Basel, London, Paris and Miami. These fairs are ideal places for collectors and art lovers to get an overview of the market. We also advise on the most important artists and galleries.

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