The BerenbergKids initiative came into being in 2007 through the dedication of staff of Germany’s oldest private bank. They wanted to use the privileged position they enjoyed or had achieved such as a sound education, financial security or strong networks to help socially disadvantaged and needy children and young people. The huge success and staff members’ continuing involvement encouraged the Partners of the Bank to convert the initiative into a foundation in Germany and set up the BerenbergKids Foundation at the end of 2009. Working alongside the board of the foundation, which consists of staff from the Bank, Andreas Brodtmann (Managing Partner of Berenberg) as ambassador uses his experience and his contacts to facilitate the foundation’s activities. The BerenbergKids Foundation focuses on supporting social institutions and organisations as well as schools, primarily in Germany and the UK. Together with staff members from the Bank we get involved in volunteering activities and organise own projects every year. Please contact us on to see how we can support your idea for a BerenbergKids event.