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Berenberg Consulting

Due to increasing complexity, uncertainty and regulation, the need for institutional consulting solutions is growing. Take advantage of our individually tailored, holistic, capital market and practice-oriented consulting services. With our many years of expertise in the area of Investment & Risk Management Solutions, we can support you in one or more of our key areas, and we are happy to provide interdisciplinary support. In addition to the development of tailor-made investment solutions, their implementation, monitoring and reporting, we also organise workshops on various topics. Start a long-term, growing partnership with us.

Our services

SAA Consulting

For over 20 years, we have been advising our clients with regards to their strategic asset allocation (SAA). We analyse the current situation and optimise the distribution of asset classes to create a robust and above all, efficient portfolio. Consideration is given to individual risk/return requirements and, if applicable, regulatory requirements. We use the most advanced analytical methods, considering realistic assumptions of the underlying distribution functions and subjecting each input parameter to a critical evaluation process.

As part of our implementation services, we also support you in the selection of suitable asset managers, in setting up a suitable investment infrastructure (e.g. setting up a segregated account) and integrating ESG criteria into your SAA.

Risk Management Consulting

Berenberg has many years of in-depth risk management expertise. As part of our risk analysis, we critically assess different risk methodologies, their measurement and show how individual risk budgets can be derived from them. In addition, we model how different risk management strategies affect an underlying portfolio.

On this basis, we determine your individual risk tolerance and risk capacity, considering your return targets. Based on this, we derive the type and scope of the appropriate risk management strategy with optional integration into the SAA that may have been prepared in advance. In this context, our advisory expertise includes dynamic hedging strategies (risk overlay), tail risk hedging strategies and value protection concepts.

ESG Consulting

The market for sustainable investments is growing steadily and has reached a size whereby  there is a significant need for professional ESG advisory services. Institutional investors are confronted with complex challenges. Examples include the transfer of a personal understanding of sustainability into an overall ESG policy, the definition of corresponding investment guidelines to the selection of suitable ESG investment strategies and the selection of appropriate investment instruments. The implementation of a holistic ESG investment reporting framework and the consideration of regulatory requirements are also becoming increasingly important.

As part of our dedicated ESG consulting, we advise you individually on the key issues relevant to you and provide answers - in personal dialogue or in the form of a comprehensive workshop.

In focus: alternatives for liquidity investment

Berenberg Liquidity Solutions

Berenberg Consulting develops customised solutions for the complex challenges faced by institutional investors regarding the problem of negative interest rates. To this end, the team has developed an investment solution that makes it possible to generate a return above Euro money market rates with comparable risks. Our Liquidity Solution can be individually tailored to bespoke investment horizons and risk tolerance. We thus offer an attractive alternative to traditional overnight and term deposits, but without the associated guaranteed of negative interest rates.

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Your benefits

Close to capital markets

Berenberg combines the independence of a privately owned bank founded in 1590 with the capital market and consulting expertise of one of the most renowned asset management boutiques in Europe. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with modern and long term solutions dependent on your needs.


With a clear view on our core competencies we provide you with targeted advice on your global investments. The focus is on harmonizing the tension between strategic asset allocation and short term capital market distortions, as well as the integration of sustainability factors.


Whether insurance company, pension scheme, corporate client or single family office, every institutional client has its own personal starting situation. Each consultant service is therefore carried out with a maximum of individuality in order to work out the optimal solution for your status quo.

Head of Consultants
Michael Kreibich
Phone +49 40 350 60-170