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Credit Funds

Berenberg is one of the most active and fastest growing asset managers of private debt in Europe. We focus on segments, financing ranks and structures in which financing niches are available and where excess returns can be generated due to our unique selling propositions.

The current ten funds cover four asset classes with different strategies. The spectrum of projects financed in the infrastructure sector ranges from renewable energy systems to fibre optic networks. In addition, medium-sized companies are supported in the context of transaction financing and currently around 90 ships are financed by means of senior secured ship mortgages.

Corporate Debt

  • Super-senior and senior secured trans­­action financing for SMEs
  • Often with the involve­­ment of finan­cial inves­tors

Shipping Debt

  • Senior secured ship mort­gage credit with conser­vative loan-to-value ratio
  • For a broadly diversified port­folio of ships with vastly different uses

Green Energy Debt

  • Junior debt for interim financing of construction phases and/or for the long-term operating phases of renewable energy projects (photovoltaic and onshore wind)

Digital Infrastructure
Debt Funds

  • Senior and junior debt for interim finan­cing of construc­tion phases and/­or for the long-term operating phases of Digital Infra­structure Projects
  • Focusing Fibre Net­works in Ger­many

Corporate Clients
Andreas Schlüter
Phone +49 40 350 60 7862