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Payment Services

Processing of payment transactions

Our experienced, qualified staff provides smooth processing of national and international payment transactions for domestic as well as foreign trading and shipping companies operating internationally.

Our participation in the ECB Euro Clearing Process (TARGET2) and the Euro Banking Association EBA (STEP1/EURO1), and our globe-spanning network of correspondent banks, enable us to handle all commercial transactions in almost any currency and country in the world, quickly and reliably.

In addition to processing domestic and foreign payment transactions via the SWIFT network, we also offer our customers the advantages of international payment tracking via SWIFT GPI (Global Payment Innovation) and of the Single European Payments Area (SEPA).

The Berenberg Corporate Portal facilitates electronic payments, ensuring fast, secure and efficient data and information exchange.

In the documentary business, we provide reliable and fast settling of collection and letter of credit transactions.

Are you looking for a multibank-capable eBanking system for your company? Find out what the Berenberg Corporate Portal has to offer in our short video.

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Head of Payment Services
Johanna Wegner
Phone +49 40 350 60-7929