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Berenberg DyMACS Volatility Premium (I)

The Fund invests in high quality bonds with high ratings and short maturities. Besides recurring interest income, additional returns can be made with a market-neutral option strategy.

Option strategies are quantitatively structured based on a multi-factor model, which analyses sentiment indicators as well as fundamental and technical indicators. This analysis gives rise to a positive or negative market appraisal. An option strategy is structured and implemented based on the market scenario determined and on market volatility.

This information is not directed at US individuals and only to clients domiciled in those countries where this fund is admitted to public distribution.

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Ansprechpartner Stanislas Dallest
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Investment Objective

moderate earnings expectations, resulting from bond market and equity options

Potential rewards
returns outperforming capital market interest rates
risk of loss from stock and interest rate fluctuations
Other share class

Private clients (Class R)
A0YKM5 / DE000A0YKM57

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