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Berenberg-1590-Aktien Mittelstand (I)

The aim of the fund is to achieve a better performance in the mid- to long-run than the benchmark index MDAX. The investment universe consists mainly of small- and mid-cap companies from the German speaking area.

The security selection is based on fundamental valuation criteria, with an emphasis being put on companies that have a dominant position in a specialized product or market segment and whose founding families still play an active roll in the company’s management. By these means, we want to participate in the structural growth of these companies and the inherent rise of their stock price.

To achieve this goal, the fund will be at least 51% invested in equities, and will aim for a high investment quota. Hedging over equity futures and options will be possible, in cases of extreme market disturbances.

This information is not directed at US individuals and only to clients domiciled in those countries where this fund is admitted to public distribution.

Amelie Eichblatt
Phone +49 40 350 60-8182
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high earnings expectations resulting primarily from market opportunities

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above average returns

high risk of loss from stock and currency fluctuations



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