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Berenberg Euro Enhanced Liquidity

The Berenberg Euro Enhanced Liquidity has a focus on investments into Euro denominated bonds and money market instruments from European issuers with investment grade rating (AAA to BBB- according to the classification of rating agency Standard & Poor’s).

The fund invests mainly into government bonds, government guaranteed bonds, covered bonds,  corporate bonds and money market instruments. Currency risks will be statically hedged into Euro. Additionally, the duration can be managed actively and dynamically. The average portfolio-duration should not exceed two years.

This information is not directed at US individuals and only to clients domiciled in those countries where this fund is admitted to public distribution.

Martin Weidemann
Phone +49 40 350 60-222
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moderate earnings expectations

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relatively stable returns


potential price risks from interest rate and currency fluctuations; low counterparty risk (i.e. loss of capital unlikely)



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