What is ESG?

ESG investment strategies take into account Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) issues on top of traditional fundamental issues such as liquidity, macroeconomic information etc. ESG is also at times related to sustainability, where it is about understanding companies and countries from a sustainable development perspective.


Climate change

Environmental pollution


Eco-friendly technologies

Greenhouse gas emissions


Working condition

Health and security

Fair trade products

Employer-worker relations and diversity

Local communities


Briberey and corruption

Compensation structure

Unfair trade practices

Lobbyism and political donations

Structural control committees

What is ESG at Berenberg?

We understand the value of integrating ESG factors into our investment decisions in order to better manage material ESG risk in our portfolios.
We believe that engagement is very important, and part and parcel of ESG integration. Our highly experienced portfolio managers actively engage with companies to retrieve information and understand company behaviour, especially their potential growth drivers.
We also integrate ESG factors to ensure that our portfolios contain companies that are fully sustainable

“Incorporating ESG factors into our decision-making process is important, as this is a good way to understand material risks and opportunities in investments.”

Head of ESG Office Prof. Dr. Rupini Deepa Rajagopalan

Berenberg ESG investment process

At Berenberg, we integrate ESG factors into investment decisions for efficient risk management and long-term sustainable returns.

Berenberg ESG Investments

At Berenberg we have managed sustainable mandates for our clients for many decades. We also offer various other ESG-integrated products in both quantitative and discretionary methods, as well as impact-related products across all asset classes.

Berenberg Sustainable EM Bonds
Berenberg Sustainable EM Bonds works to select particularly USD-denominated emerging country bonds under sustainability aspects and by means of an active, quantitative investment process. This systematic, transparent investment process enables an admixture of ESG-compliant companies from the emerging markets, in addition to a selection of sustainable states with strong fundamentals. The portfolio is under ongoing risk management through active control and static hedging against currency risk vis-a-vis the euro.
Berenberg 1590 Foundation
The Berenberg 1590 Foundation is an asset-management fund with total return approach. It is based on long-term appreciation (with at least a 3 year investment horizon) and systematic limitation of loss risk, and consists of bonds, equities and alternative investments aligned with foundation-specific factors. All titles must meet Berenberg’s sustainability criteria.
ESG based equity fund (planned)
Further information will be available shortly.
Head of ESG-Office
Prof. Dr. Rupini Deepa Rajagopalan
Telephone: +49 69 91 30 90 -513