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425 years anniversary

Cornelius Berenberg – A mischievous character with vision

Cornelius Berenberg started to work in his father’s trading company at the tender age of 16, and soon proved to be a visionary businessman. Thanks to his ideas and energy, within a few years the Berenberg company had become one of the highest-earning in the City of Hamburg. In an interesting note, he was the first in our ancestral line to be immortalized in oil.

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425 years anniversary

Keeping the Berenberg name

After 175 years the fifth generation of the Berenberg was the first to lack a male heir. Only the daughter Elisabeth can ensure that the business stays in the family, by marrying the accomplished businessman Johann Hinrich Gossler. Fortunately, he is someone who appreciates tradition.

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425th years anniversary

The Berenbergs help Hamburg get ahead

In 1882 Hamburg started to surge ahead in what would be an exceptional boom period, as the city joined the German customs union and got a duty-free port. This became the engine of the city’s economic development, thanks to John Berenberg-Gossler, who now wasn’t just a “von” but was also ennobled as a baron.

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425´s year anniversary

A man for trying times

Another Berenberg who stood by Hamburg: Cornelius Berenberg, son of John B., helped soldiers at the front with “charitable gifts.” He played a major part in getting Hamburg back onto a growth course after the war. Cornelius also had political courage, supporting Jewish businessmen and helping some to flee.

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