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Circumventing negative interest rates

The persistently low interest rate environment means many institutional, but also private investors are faced with the challenge of avoiding storage fees on their cash balances, which in some cases are structural.

Berenberg Institutional Consulting recognised this problem at an early stage and developed an investment solution that has already been successfully implemented by many investors. It can be adapted to the individual investor’s investment horizon and risk appetite.

Our added value for you

  • Active management can increase the expected value

  • The risk budget can be set individually in line with the investment horizon and risk-bearing capacity

  • Years of experience of managing short-term fixed-income portfolios

  • Turn a guaranteed loss corresponding to the negative interest rate into an individually definable distribution range

  • The lower value limit is managed by taking an innovative approach

  • Comprehensive knowledge of systematic value preservation from the solutions team

Our Berenberg Liquidity Solution enables you to earn a higher return than on overnight deposits for a comparable risk. This gives you a genuine alternative to the classic overnight and term deposits, but without the associated, guaranteed negative interest rates.

Michael Kreibich, Head of Institutional Consulting

Customised solutions for fixed income investors

Our fixed income solutions are characterised by a high degree of individuality. As an institutional investor you are constrained by certain regulatory requirements or are obliged to finance particular projects or liabilities.

We offer you active and innovative investment processes in which continuous risk controlling is always an established element. Alongside tailored fixed income solutions, we also offer selected strategies as funds for private investors.

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