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Investment & Risk Management Consulting

Due to increasing complexity, uncertainty and regulation, the need for institutional consulting solutions is growing. Take advantage of our individually tailored, holistic, capital market and practice-oriented consulting services. With our many years of expertise in the area of Investment & Risk Management Solutions, we can support you in one or more of our key areas, and we are happy to provide interdisciplinary support. In addition to the development of tailor-made investment solutions, their implementation, monitoring and reporting, we also organise workshops on various topics. Start a long-term, growing partnership with us.

Michael Kreibich
Head of Consultants

Frederic Waterstraat
Senior Consultant

Our services

SAA Consulting

For more than 20 years we have been advising our clients on the Strategic Asset Allo­cation (SAA) of their assets. We analyse your current situation and optimise the distribution of asset classes to create a robust and, above all, efficient port­folio, taking into account your individual risk/return require­ments and, where applicable, regulatory require­ments. We use the most advanced analysis methods, taking into account realistic assump­tions of the under­lying distri­bution functions and subjec­ting each input para­meter to a critical evaluation.

Risk Management Consulting

Berenberg has many years of in-depth risk manage­ment expertise. We advise you on the type and scope of implemen­tation and analyse which hedging strategy best suits your individual situation. Our consulting compe­tencies range from the systematic manage­ment of currency, beta, duration and credit risks to capital preser­vation and tail risk hedging strategies. Either in the form of an overlay or strategy-inherent.

ESG Consulting

The market for sustainable investments is growing steadily and the demand for professional ESG consulting services has increased enormously. Our institutional investors are facing the following challenges:

  • The definition of their personal understanding of sustainability and the transformation into their own ESG policy
  • Harmonization of financial investment goals with the ESG policy and the definition of corroborating investment guidelines
  • The selection of suitable ESG investment strategies and investment instruments
  • The implementation of a holistic ESG investment reporting and access to relevant ESG service providers
  • The consideration of regulatory requirements

As part of our dedicated ESG consulting, we provide individual advice on the questions that are central to your business and provide answers - in a personal exchange as well as in the form of comprehensive workshops.

Manager Selection

Berenberg has outstan­ding expertise in selec­ted invest­ment seg­ments. For invest­ment themes outside of our product range, our pro­fessional manager selection process will assist you with advice. In addition, we support you in launching special funds and the associated legal challenges, as well as in selecting the capital manage­ment company and custodian suitable for you.

Your benefits

Close to the capital market

Berenberg combines the indepen­dence of a private bank founded in 1590 with the capital market and consul­tant expertise of one of the most renowned asset manage­ment houses in Europe.


The world is constantly changing. And so are the capital markets. Our consulting services there­fore focus on a holistic and long-term view of your finan­cial situation. Only in this way can we provide you with compre­hensive advice and develop the best possible solu­tions for you.


Whether insurance company, pension scheme, pension fund, corporate or single family office, every institu­tional client its own personal starting situation. Each consultant service is there­fore carried out with a maxi­mum of indivi­du­ality.

Head of Consultants
Michael Kreibich
Phone +49 40 350 60-170

Senior Consultant
Frederic Waterstraat
Phone +49 40 350 60-411