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Berenberg Systematic Approach - US Stockpicker Fund (C)

The Berenberg Systematic Approach – US STOCKPICKER Fund is a US equity fund based on the systematic “Berenberg STOCKPICKER Model”.

The Model selects on a systematic basis stocks which …

… are fundamentally undervalued,
… have shown resistance in falling markets and low sensitivity to bad news
… and are currently in an upward trend

(symbiosis of fundamental and technical analysis; by definition always fully invested). The Model has been applied to different regional markets since October 2004.

This information is not directed at US individuals and only to clients domiciled in those countries where this fund is admitted to public distribution.

Till Christian Budelmann
Phone +41 44 284-2073
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Investment Objective

high earnings expectations resulting primarily from market opportunities

Potential rewards

above average returns


high risk of loss from stock, interest rate, and currency fluctuations; potentially high counterparty risk



Other share class 

A1C33Y / ISIN LU0534930846

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