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Multi Asset

It is our goal that our clients should derive above-average benefits from the opportunities of the capital markets - with a moderate risk tolerance and a long-term investment horizon.

Genuinely multi asset, implemented decisively

Holistic Thinking

  • Industry-recognised capital market expertise of our portfolio managers and investment strategists
  • Combined expertise of Berenberg’s economists, investment strategists and asset class specialists
  • Sustainability as a central element of our individual stock selection

Active Allocation

  • Dynamic asset allocation management and successful security selection
  • Strategic long-term investments combined with tactical management to exploit market opportunities
  • Broad diversification across asset classes, segments and regions
  • Investments outside benchmarks, including in specialist themes

Clear Action

  • Structured investment process with Investment Committee and Asset Allocation Committee
  • Analytically sound, comprehensible investment decisions
  • Transparent and timely communication

"As an active manager, we are characterised by a well-founded opinion on the capital markets, which we implement in a decisive manner – including anti-cyclically and outside of benchmarks".

Dr. Bernd Meyer, Chief Investment Strategist and Head of Multi Asset

Our strategic priorities

ESG strategies

Responsible multi-asset solution for the sustainably oriented investor

  • Comprehensive ESG concept
  • Active engagement
  • Tried and tested ESG exclusion criteria
  • Positive impact on environment and society
  • Sustainable strategies that can be implemented across diverse risk profiles
  • Optional distribution focus

Berenberg ESG

Defensive and total return strategies

Modern multi asset solutions for risk-conscious investors in a low interest rate environment

  • Targeted selection and risk-appropriate combination of low-correlated sources of return outside the traditional asset classes
  • Investments with a hedging character to reduce portfolio fluctuations
  • Controlled participation in global capital markets

Balanced and offensive strategies

Multi asset classics for participation in the capital market with a balanced to higher risk tolerance

  • Predictability thanks to fixed bandwidths per asset class
  • Investment in structural growth trends and quality companies
  • Tactical asset allocation and broad diversification across asset classes and regions reduces risk during strong market movements

Flexible strategies

Opportunistic, benchmark-free solutions for the changing market environment

  • Focus on high-potential thematic investments and attractive niches
  • Tactical and selective investments - also contrary to the market consensus
  • Profit from Berenberg’s best investment ideas

Implementation options

Our broad selection of implementation options allows to offer a range of investment formats, depending on the solution you are looking for

  • Professional asset management with a variety of strategies aligned with your investment objectives
  • Tailor-made special funds and special mandates
  • Mutual funds

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Our Multi Asset Funds

Berenberg Variato

Benefit from a flexible multi-asset strategy with a focus on individual ideas. Strategic long-term positions in attractive capital market segments, especially niches, are supplemented by short-term oriented thematic as well as opportunity-driven positions. Investments are made across all asset classes and regions - deliberately detached from any benchmark and therefore, not based on pre-defined bandwidths for individual asset classes. On portfolio-level, a comprehensive risk overlay is applied on the basis of sensitivities to key risk factors.

Fund Name
1 Year
1 Year
Fund Overview
Berenberg Variato R
12/02/2021132.66 EUR9.44%Berenberg Funds

Berenberg Multi Asset Balanced

Invest in our balanced, globally oriented multi-asset strategy. The portfolio generates attractive returns through a broad diversification across a global pool of investments, active allocation management, as well as the flexible exploitation of opportunities accompanied by a professional risk management. The strategy benefits from our proven stock selection process and active asset allocation. Any inherent risk is alleviated by a high degree of diversification.

Fund Name
1 Year
1 Year
Fund Overview
Berenberg Multi Asset Balanced R A
12/02/202172.15 EUR17.01%Berenberg Funds
Berenberg Multi Asset Balanced R D
12/02/202185.35 EUR17.01%Berenberg Funds

Berenberg Sustainable Stiftung

Benefit from our sustainable and dividend-distribution-oriented multi-asset strategy. The objective of this defensive portfolio is to take advantage of attractive opportunities as well as generate a continuous income stream in order to ensure long-term capital preservation. This includes the active monitoring of investment quotas, capital commitment periods and regional and sectoral allocation. Due to the paramount importance of Berenberg's sustainability criteria in the investment selection process, the strategy is well-suited for investors who aim or are required to incorporate ESG factors into their investments.

Fund Name
1 Year
1 Year
Fund Overview
Berenberg Sustainable Stiftung R D
12/02/202151.98 EUR6.89%Berenberg Funds

Berenberg Multi Asset Defensive

Invest in a defensive multi-asset strategy that goes beyond the classic products on the stock and bond markets. The central characteristic of this fund is a broad diversification across asset classes, segments, sectors, currencies and regions to utilise advantageous correlation properties. This is supplemented by an active and flexible management of investment quotas along with continuous risk controlling, which aims to alleviate price fluctuations while ensuring a steady participation in the capital markets.

Fund Name
1 Year
1 Year
Fund Overview
Berenberg Multi Asset Defensive R D
12/02/202160.82 EUR6.96%Berenberg Funds
Berenberg Multi Asset Defensive R A
12/02/202160.75 EUR6.95%Berenberg Funds

Head of Product Specialists Multi Asset
Alina Finkmann
Phone +49 69 91 30 90-225

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