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— Clarinettist Roman Gerber receives Berenberg Culture Prize 2020

  • Berenberg Bank Foundation of 1990 has been supporting young artists for 30 years

Hamburg. The 10,000 euro Berenberg Culture Prize goes to clarinettist Roman Gerber. Violoncellist Anna Olivia Amaya Farias and Dutch pianist Daan Boertien receive scholarships.

30 years ago the owners of Germany’s oldest private bank set up the Berenberg Bank Foundation of 1990, which has assisted over 140 talented young artists in North Germany in the years since. So far over 1 million euros have gone to benefit new talent in the arts. At the anniversary event held in Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie concert hall on 11 February, 400 invited guests celebrated together with the foundation’s prize-winners. “Berenberg has promoted culture in Hamburg for many years. We feel a special responsibility to help young artists and thereby further anchor Hamburg’s reputation as a cultural metropolis,” said Dr Hans-Walter Peters, spokesman of the managing partners of Berenberg, Germany’s oldest private bank.

Each year, the Berenberg Bank Foundation of 1990 awards the Berenberg Culture Prize, one of the most generously endowed new talent awards in North Germany. In addition, the Foundation supports art education by providing scholarships and project funding. “Berenberg's commitment to a wide range of social areas, the promotion of art and culture, science and also entrepreneurship make this bank an important partner and patron of Hamburg's cultural and social life,” said Hamburg Finance Senator Dr Andreas Dressel, who presented the greetings of the Hamburg Senate.

Culture Prize awardee Roman Gerber delights his audience with clarinet works ranging from the late Baroque to pieces composed especially for him. The combination of contemporary music with the great classical works is dear to his heart. After studying at the College for Music and Theatre in Munich, he was accepted into the clarinet class at the Lübeck Academy of Music. Roman Gerber completed his studies with a concert examination at the Hamburg School of Music and Theatre (HfMT). “Roman Gerber is an unusual talent whose virtuoso performances captivate his audience,” said Trustee Board member Prof. Elmar Lampson, who awarded the Berenberg Culture Prize together with Dr Hans-Walter Peters.

Peters expressed his special thanks to Trustee Board members Katharina Trebitsch (film producer), Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Hermann Rauhe (Honorary President of the HfMT), Prof. Elmar Lampson (President of the HfMT) and Prof. Martin Köttering (President of the Hamburg Academy of Graphic Arts, HFBK), who have assisted the Foundation’s directors for many years.

Berenberg Culture Prize awardee Roman Gerber and Dr Hans-Walter Peters, Spokesman of the managing partners of Berenberg (photo: Bertold Fabricius, reprint free of charge) )

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