31.05.2016 — Berenberg High Goal Cup: 10th time in Düsseldorf for polo stars

  • Four top teams and 80 ponies expected in Düsseldorf 
  • Berenberg High Goal Cup is one of the leading polo events in Germany
  • Employee foundation invites 200 children to attend the Children’s Day 
Düsseldorf. Polo fans from the Rhineland will once again have much to cheer about on 10 to 12 June when Germany’s top players and Argentinian stars will be involved in exciting, high-speed action. This year, Germany’s oldest private bank is hosting the anniversary tournament at the Reit- and Poloclub in Düsseldorf, celebrating the 10th birthday of the Berenberg High Goal Cup. 
Since it was first staged in 2007, the tournament has evolved into one of the most prestigious polo events in Germany. “We’re delighted that the Berenberg High Goal Cup is so warmly received by both players and spectators alike,” says Tilo Croonenberg, who heads up Berenberg’s Düsseldorf branch. High goal is the name given to the very highest class of the sport, featuring top quality matches at international level full of precision, dynamism, fairness and team spirit. Part of polo’s premier league, the tournament forms the opening round of the 2016 German High Goal season. There are only four tournaments at this level in Germany. “There’s no question about its inclusion in the German Polo Tour, an umbrella for the biggest German tournaments,” adds Croonenberg. 
The four top teams will meet each other over three match days. Christopher Kirsch, captain of the German national side and tournament organiser, leads Team Bucherer, which consists solely of German players. The highly successful young talents he has gathered in his team – Caesar and Caspar Crasemann plus Max Bosch – are among the best players in Germany. In contrast, home advantage will be enjoyed by Dirk Baumgärtner. The president of the Düsseldorf Reit- und Poloclub will be leading Team Berenberg with the support of Austria’s Matthias Normann and the Argentines Ignacio Tillous and Juan Cruz Guevara. Team Breuninger consists of the German players Philipp Sommer, Wolfram Trudo Knoefel and Patrick Maleitzke lining up alongside the Argentinian star Eduardo Anca. New to the tournament is the Dutch-Argentinian line-up in Team Land Rover featuring Philip and Savine van der Kloot Meijburg together with the Argentines Miquel Duggan and Miquel Lagos Marmol. 
Despite all the excitement about talented players and clever tactics, it is the four-legged stars that really steal the show. Some 80 ponies are expected at the tournament, and looking after them has top priority. “In the High Goal, some of the mounts are even changed during the course of a chukka, each of which lasts seven and a half minutes,” explains Christopher Kirsch. As the animals’ hooves leave their tracks in the field from sudden stops and fast turns, the spectators are asked to tread down the surface again during the intervals. 
Besides the sporting challenge, the tournament is also a social happening and family festival that attracts numerous spectators and is now more popular than ever. Several thousand fans make the pilgrimage to the Reit- und Polo-Club’s An der Reith facility in Düsseldorf every year. “The visitors’ enthusiasm is enormous,” says Croonenberg. 
For the sixth time, Berenberg will be bringing around 200 disadvantaged, ill and handicapped children from children’s homes, initiatives, hospices, nurseries and other institutions from the Düsseldorf area to the “Polo Children’s Day” on Friday, 10 June under the auspices of its BerenbergKids employee foundation. Tilo Croonenberg emphasizes: “We want to combine our sponsorship of polo with our corporate social responsibility to include people in less fortunate circumstances.”
The matches run from 1.30pm to around 5pm on the Saturday and Sunday, with the four teams fighting it out for overall victory and the places. Adult tickets cost 15 euros each, while entry is free for under-12s. A heavily discounted Düsseldorf family ticket costing 20 euros for two adults and two children is also available.
Sandra Hülsmann
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