15.08.2017 — Berenberg recognises socially responsible companies

Hamburg. For the second time since 2014, Germany’s oldest private bank will present the Berenberg Corporate Responsibility Award. This award recognises family-owned companies showing a special sense of societal responsibility, be it through social, societal or cultural commitment, for its employees or the public at large.

“Corporate responsibility is particularly pronounced among family-owned companies. This has much to do with the fact that the owners have a very long-term outlook with a focus on sustainability. Only companies that respond to the trust placed in them responsibly can be successful over the long term,” said Dr. Hans-Walter Peters, Spokesman of the managing partners of Berenberg.

Any German family-owned company showing special social commitment can apply for the Berenberg Social Responsibility Award. The main criterion for the award is the linkage of the commitment with business purposes, ideally based on a specific project. The award recipient will be chosen by a jury whose members include Dr. Dominik von Au (INTES Academy), publisher and author Dr. Florian Langenscheidt and Berenberg Managing Partner Dr. Hans-Walter Peters. The first award in 2014 went to Faber Castell AG in recognition of the pencil manufacturer's project to transform barren grazing land in Colombia into sustainable forest.

The deadline for applications is 27 September 2017. Please find more information on www.berenberg.de/verantwortungspreis.


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