General Information

Sandbox – Berenberg Developer Portal

The new EU regulation PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) offers banks and service providers the opportunity to develop new software solutions that provide you with access to customer accounts and create added value for our customers. You need a license to access the PSD2 Sandbox Portal to prepare and test your application accordingly. If your license is not yet available, the confirmation of your national authority (BaFin or similar) about your current application process to obtain the TPP service license is sufficient. The “sandbox” is a pure test environment that contains only dummy data and is based on a static authentication model.

Click here to access the Developer Sandbox Portal:

You need to register yourself for the Sandbox. Information about the registration process you´ll find in “How to getting start”.

Production Environment – Berenberg Developer Portal (available from 14th june 2019)

European banks need to provide secure APIs and developer portals so that licensed third parties can access bank account information with the consent of customers. This is due to the entry into force of the new PSD2 in January 2018. After completing the regulatory requirements and having successfully obtained a license, you can offer the following services:

• Payment initiation services
• Account Information Services
• Availability check of funds for card-based transactions

To do this, you need to register your organization on our portal, and your application must issue the appropriate subscriptions to use the different production APIs. You will need an eIDAS TLS Production Certificate for Website Authentication (QWAC) issued by a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) (e.g., Bundesdruckerei (eTrust)). Hereby you can identify and verify at Berenberg as TPP for further activities.

The Production Envirnoment of Berenberg´s Developer Portal is available from June 14, 2019.

For the regulatory scope we are following in the majority of aspects the ‘NextGenPSD2 Standard’ created by the Berlin group. The exact API specifications is available in documentation. In the mandatory scope you can access APIs supporting services described below.
Available services:

AISP – Accounts APIs
Service made available to users of payment services with online access to accounts through which the payer can get a consolidated view on all its payment accounts, even if those are held on multiple Banks (ASPSP).
Can be operated by a licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP) possessing an eIDAS certificate with PSP_AI role for accessing account information, as instructed by PSU and having explicit PSU consent.

PISP – Payments APIs
Service provided by those Counterparts that stand between the payer and his online payment account, by starting the payment to a third-party beneficiary. The payer can then initiate an online payment by credit transfer FROM the PSU´s account on its account provided through the PISP. Can be operated by a licensed Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) possessing an eIDAS certificate with PSP_PI role for initiating payments and checking the status of such payments, as instructed by Payment service User.

PIISP – availableBalanceCheck APIs
Service provided for “Card-Based Payment Instrument Issuers”. After the consent provided by customer, they can verify with the bank ‘availability of funds’ on the customer payment account.
Can be used by a licensed Payment Instrument Issuing Service Provider (PIISP) possessing an eIDAS certificate with PSP_IC role for checking the funds availability for a card-based transaction instructed by the Payment service User.

Support & SLA

Provided Support times: Mo – Fr 08.00h – 17.00h (not available on german holiday)

In case of technical problems, interruptions or if you need help, we offer you the feedback form ( in the Developer Portal. Our service provider NDGIT GmbH will take up and process your request in a timely manner.

If the portal is not available or other urgent concerns, please contact the emergency hotline 040/35060 789. Our service team will initiate the resolution or handling of your request.

Informations will published on 14th june 2019

PSU Interface – Online Banking
Informations will publish on 14th june 2019

XS2A Interface
Informations will publish on 14th june 2019

PSU Interface – Online Banking
Informations will publish in December 2019

XS2A Interface
Informations will publish in December 2019