15.11.2017 — Berenberg prize for corporate responsibility goes to Orthomol

Hamburg/Frankfurt. On Tuesday evening in Frankfurt, Germany’s oldest private bank awarded for the second time the “Berenberg prize for corporate responsibility” to the pharmaceuticals company Orthomol in front of more than 100 family owned companies. Therewith Berenberg shows honored the “Orthomol mit Herz” (‘With love from Orthomol’) initiative. As part of the initiative, the specialist for nutrition medicine is involved in various projects to promote a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

“Corporate responsibility is strongly emphasised at family owned companies in particular. This self-image is also related to the fact that entrepreneurs have a very long-term perspective that is geared to sustainability”, says Dr. Hans-Walter Peters, Spokesman of the Managing Partners of Berenberg. As an owner-managed private bank, Berenberg sees itself as a service provider and a responsible partner to its clients and has developed the prize in order to recognise projects by companies that find creative ways to combine social involvement with their corporate objective. “Only those companies that handle the trust placed in them in a responsible manner can be successful in the long term”, according to Peters. Nils Glagau, CEO and partner of Orthomol, had this to say: “Orthomol is a family owned company with a special culture that promotes team spirit and community involvement. All of our employees actively embrace our idea of better health – as well as our ‘Orthomol mit Herz’ projects. We are delighted to receive this distinction from Berenberg.”

Under the “Orthomol mit Herz” initiative, the company supports international initiatives such as UNICEF or the YOU foundation and Germany-wide institutions such as ARCHE (‘Ark’), for which more than €120,000 was raised in 2016 alone. This allows the Christian children and young people’s charity to offer fresh fruits and vegetables daily to the children being taken care of there.

At the company’s own location in Langenfeld in North Rhine-Westphalia, the trainees also organise the charity soccer tournament, as well as the “Aktiv mit Herz” fun race together with regional partners. The company’s efforts to promote better health is also evident from two other projects carried out together with the charity “Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen”: At “Café Immi”, people in need and homeless people are given freshly cooked meals and can get reduced-price groceries in a small supermarket. It is always important for the company that its own employees are also involved. For example, the trainees renovated the supermarket space, and Orthomol employees regularly prepare meals at “Café Immi”.

Orthomol pharmazeutische Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 1991 by Dr. Kristian Glagau and Dr. Hans Dietl. The food supplements and micronutrients produced in Germany are now available in pharmacies in more than 30 countries. The company has over 400 employees.

The jury for the prize comprises Dr. Dominik von Au (INTES Akademie für Familienunternehmen), Dr. Rainer Esser (CEO of ZEIT newspaper), Dr. Florian Langenscheidt (author and publisher) and Dr. Hans-Walter Peters (Berenberg).

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