09.05.2018 — Berenberg receives award as best asset manager for German equities

Hamburg. Berenberg’s Asset Management division has won the Germany Award of funds rating agency Citywire in the category for German Equities. Citywire has thus named the equities experts who work with Henning Gebhardt, Head of Wealth and Asset Management at Berenberg, as the best investment team available for German investors in this asset class. In addition to the fund performance, factors such as the experience of the individual managers and of the team as a whole were taken into consideration.

Head of Wealth and Asset Management Henning Gebhardt says: “This is a wonderful award for our recently assembled equities team. The award is proof that we have chosen the correct path with our active stockpicking approach, and motivates us to continue on this path.” Berenberg has recorded inflows of more than €700 million into the Bank’s six German and European equity funds since the beginning of 2017, not least thanks to a strong performance.

Berenberg currently has two specific Germany strategies in its portfolio. Beren-berg Aktien-Strategie Deutschland is managed by Henning Gebhardt (22 years of investment experience). The fund has experienced significant growth since it was taken over by Henning Gebhardt in June 2017, making it one of the strongest in its class. Its co-fund managers are Matthias Born (17 years of investment experience) and Andreas Strobl (16 years of investment experience).

Strobl, who moved from Allianz Global Investors to Berenberg in 2016, is also the lead fund manager for Berenberg-1590-Aktien Mittelstand. That fund is co-managed by Henning Gebhardt and Sebastian Leigh (1 year of investment experience). Berenberg-1590-Aktien Mittelstand has risen considerably since it was taken over by Andreas Strobl in January 2017, and is also one of the best funds in its segment. Citywire announced the awards in Frankfurt on 8 May.

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