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Asset Management

Berenberg Asset Management offers private and institutional investors innovative concepts and professional risk management strategies. Our experts develop solutions that are specifically configured for your needs and address your return, risk and liquidity goals, focussing preferentially on selected areas where we have especially deep knowledge.

We combine different investment styles – discretionary and quantitative – under one roof, and execute them in asset management mandates, segregated accounts and mutual funds.

Equity funds in the spotlight

German Funds

With the Berenberg-1590-Aktien Mittelstand fund, which received the Lipper Fund Award 2020, Andreas Strobl invests primarily in small and medium-sized companies, while the Berenberg Aktien-Strategie Deutschland fund focuses on blue chips and high-growth second-tier stocks.

European funds

The Berenberg European Focus Fund and the Berenberg Eurozone Focus Fund are managed by Matthias Born. The specialist for European stocks is well-known for his long-term investment horizon and his highly active approach going beyond benchmarks.

Small cap funds

Peter Kraus invests in hidden champions and companies with high growth potential. He applies his long-term investment approach to the Berenberg European Small Cap and the Berenberg European Micro Cap funds.

Funds overview

Berenberg offers first-class basic solutions and specialised individual fund strategies for your portfolio. You can get a look at our offerings and our investment philosophy here.



Horizon Q1 2021
The past year of Covid-19, restrictions and recession should be followed by a year of vaccines, re-opening and economic recovery.


Small caps, big returns?
The Nobel laureates Eugene Fama and Kenneth French proved the existence of the “size” or “small cap” premium in 1993. The rationale behind the Fama-French three-factor model is that small caps – which we define as companies with a market

capitalisation of €500m to €5bn – are…

Markets | Monitor

A new all-time high is rarely the end of the road
Rising analyst earnings estimates and economic optimism have provided a friendly start to the year for stocks. Asian emerging markets, US small caps and UK equities were particularly strong. Gold and safe-haven government bonds, on the other hand,…


Re­spon­sible invest­ment

ESG investment strategies take into account Environ­mental (E), Social (S) and Governance issues on top of traditional funda­mental and macro­economic information. Our ESG invest­ments can be conducted via both discretionary and quantitative investment strategies following our Berenberg ESG invest­ment process.


House view

A compact summary: How our Asset Management and macroeconomics experts view the capital markets in the current month.



Economics: Second lockdown leading to setback in the fourth quarter. Positive outlook from spring.
Equities: Rising earnings, declining valuations.
Bonds: Positive investment outlook for corporate bonds.
Commodities: Rotation out of gold into risky assets. Positive vaccine news spur oil prices.
Currencies: Euro/US dollar remains above 1.20. Nervousness in the pound.

More in our monthly Horizon Handout


Topical trends 2030

Interesting invest­ment opportu­nities briefly summarized.


Investors have different needs and individual goals. The market environment, laws and regulations have a major influence on the capital investment decisions of private and institutional investors. Our experienced team understands these challenges, and can develop the ideal investment solutions with and for you.

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