Berenberg uses the most sophisticated security procedures. All transactions are being protected by a special security protocol which transmits any data at 2048-bit encryption. For this Berenberg uses the SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer encoding) protocol as a security standard which is recognised all over the world.

On using radio keyboards data can be bugged effortless within a radius of approximately five metres. Often all that is needed is a keyboard receiver from the same manufacturer. 

Electronic fingerprinting lets you know for certain that you are truly connected to Berenberg. The code comprises several digits and letters and will be replaced once every year. For verifying please proceed as follows:

For Internet Explorer: After calling the certificate, for the last entry under "Details" the thumbprint comprising several digits and letters must be identical to one of the following codes:

SHA1-Fingerprint: ‎26 32 9e 4b da 7e 1f 53 cd 76 e4 31 f1 31 2e 69 da 89 87 c5

SHA1-Fingerprint: E8 9A 93 4A 42 43 14 3F 01 BF 91 F5 26 BB 67 CD 92 77 9C F1

SHA1-Fingerprint: 6C 80 60 CD 4B 8B 61 9E B0 46 B0 15 AC C2 40 18 68 B4 B4 7D

For Netscape or Mozilla Firefox: After double clicking the padlock you get to the fingerprint via the button “View?.

In the case that the fingerprint does not correspond to the one mentioned above you must under no circumstances use the programs in the secured area!

The combination of a firewall and a virus scanner are useful tools which are employed for the protection of PC’s. You are strongly advised to regularly update your virus scanner in order to be able to detect also newer viruses.

If the security of a computer is doubtful don’t use it. Programs may be installed in that computer which store or transfer your log-on data. In case you still would like to use PC’s other than your own, as for example in internet cafes, please make sure to observe the following points:

  • never leave the PC unattended as long as you are logged on;
  • end and exit the Online Banking session via the link "log off";
  • be sure to erase the cache of the browser;
  • close down the browser.

Berenberg never sends any e-mails, which require you to enter your log-in/security data. In no case should you ever divulge your log-in details to third parties! These e-mails frequently contain links, which lead to alleged Berenberg sites. Even the appearance of the alleged Berenberg sites can be identical to those of our known sites.
Be sure never to call the log-in domain via links from e-mails, always only use the path known to you, i.e. - customer login.

When connecting to the internet, windows can open unexpectedly which contain "security warnings" and the like. These advertising messages are sent by unknown companies via the windows news service. These windows have nothing in common with Berenberg. Do not download any programs from these promotional sites, as they can contain viruses, Trojans or diallers. Diallers are programs which build a connection to the internet via expensive phone numbers.

You can establish that you have a secure internet connection in two places:

  • if the address begins with "https", for example
  • if you can see a closed yellow lock in the bottom status bar of your browser. 

Using a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) is associated with risks. If you use a wireless connection with your PC or Notebook always have the latest security standards in place. As a matter of principle, data can be listened into by everyone with the right technology. The encrypting technologies of the wireless LAN are, to date, usually not sufficient to guarantee a secure data transfer.

Our server is located in one of the world’s largest IT centres. Access to the server room is controlled in multiple layers of security and requires a personal transponder card, PIN and palm scan. Once inside, accessing the server itself takes another PIN, since the server is in a locked cabinet.
The operating system is pure server software. No unnecessary modules are installed, so they can offer no avenue of attack.
Patch management is automated. All incoming patches are examined, and then installed either immediately or on the next business day.
In order to ensure the highest security, we do not use a local firewall, but an external one. This firewall is restrictively configured and automatically leaves Ports 80 and 443 closed.

When starting Berenberg Online Banking always ensure that you enter the following Internet address into your browser:

The button "Customer Log-in" then gets you to the overview of various Berenberg Online Offers. Now your browser creates a secure internet site (this site always starts with "https"); and the URL is:

Via the button "Berenberg Online Banking (Payments)" you get to log-on. The secure URL of the log-on site is: 

After calling the customer log-in always verify the correctness of the security certificate. When a safe internet connection has been established, this is shown in the lower right-hand corner of the status bar of your browser as a small yellow padlock. On double clicking, this symbol opens the dialogue window containing the properties and contents of the certificate.

Next click the tab "General“ with Internet Explorer and the button "View" when using Netscape or Mozilla Firefox.

You now obtain an overview of for whom and by whom the certificate has been issued and also of the expiry date. The following combinations are possible:

If the URL in your browser starts with  GeoTrust Inc should show up as the valid issuer. The security certificate is valid up to 12.03.2018. 

If the URL in your browser starts with  TeleSec ServerPass should show up as the valid issuer. The security certificate is valid up to 29.06.2018.

If the URL in your browser starts with  TeleSec ServerPass should show up as the valid issuer. The security certificate is valid up to 31.10.2019.

In the case that the security certificate does not correspond to the one mentioned above you must under no circumstances start Berenberg Online Banking or must interrupt the connection to Berenberg Online Banking immediately!