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The new EU directive PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2) offers banks and service providers the opportunity to develop new software solutions that allow you to access customer accounts.

General Information

European banks must provide secure APIs and developer portals to allow licensed third parties to access their account data with the customer's consent. This is due to the new EU directive PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2) coming into force in January 2018.

Third Party Providers (TPP), after meeting regulatory requirements and successfully obtaining a license, can provide the following services:

  • Payment initiation servicesService that allows a third party payment service provider to initiate a payment (transfer, standing order, term payment, etc.) on behalf of the customer from their online payment account.
  • Account information servicesService that can provide customers with a consolidated view of their online-enabled payment accounts. For this purpose, the third party service provider (TPP) retrieves information on accounts, balances and transactions of the enabled accounts on behalf of and as instructed by the customer and makes them available in a corresponding overview.
  • Funds availability checking for card-based transactionsThis service allows Third Party Card Issuer (DKE)/Payment Instrument Issuing Service Provider (PIISP) to query the availability of funds related to a payment from the customer's payment account.


The "Sandbox" is a pure test environment that contains only test data and is built on a static authentication model.

You will need to register for the sandbox. For information on the registration process, see "Getting Started".

You need a license to access the Developer Portal to test your application. If your license is not yet available, the confirmation of your competent national authority (for Germany the BaFin) about your current application procedure to obtain the TPP service license is also sufficient.


To use the productive APIs, the TPP must register their organization/company in our portal to be able to use the various production APIs as part of their service authorization.

Technical access requirement is a valid eIDAS TLS production certificate for website authentication (QWAC) issued by a qualified trust service provider (QTSP - e.g. Bundesdruckerei/D-TRUST).

All relevant information on the interfaces, e.g. current availability, documentation and specification on the implementation options of the BerlinGroup standard, etc. are made available to you in the Developer Portal.

Available Services

For the implementation of regulatory requirements, we follow the "NextGenPSD2 standard" developed by the Berlin Group. The exact API specifications can be found in the documentation on the website.

In the appropriately designated area, you can access all APIs that support the services described below:

  • Account Information Services (AIS) – Accounts APIsCan be operated by a licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP) that has an eIDAS certificate with the corresponding PSP_AI role and is thus allowed to retrieve account information on behalf of the customer at agreed periods and frequencies.
  • Payment Initiation Services (PIS) – Payments APIs.This service requires the role of a licensed Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP). This must have an eIDAS certificate with the PSP_PI role to initiate payments and verify the status of these payments according to the customer's instructions.
  • Third Party Card Issuers (PIIS) – availableBalanceCheck APIs The Third Party Card Issuer (DKE)/Payment Instrument Issuing Service Provider (PIISP) service requires the express written consent of the customer. This service can only be used by a licensed Dritt-Card Issuer (DKE)/Payment Instrument Issuing Service Provider (PIISP) holding an eIDAS certificate with the role PSP_IC to check the availability of funds for a card-based transaction instructed by the Payment Service User (PSU).

Support & SLA


Support time: Mon - Fri 08.00h - 17.00h (not available on public holidays)

In case of technical problems, interruptions or if you need help, we offer you the feedback form in the Developer Portal. Our service provider NDGIT GmbH will record and process your request neartime.

If the portal is unavailable, please contact the hotline 0049 40 35060 789 during the specified service hours. Our service team will initiate the processing of your request.

Fallback Exemption

BaFin granted the exemptions from the provision of a contingency mechanism under Article 33(6) of Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389 for Berenberg's PSD2 interface on 03.05.2021.

The dedicated interface meets the requirements of Article 33(6) of Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389 after review of the application documents and expiry of the market assessment phase.

Service Level Agreement


KPI values for the performance of the dedicated interface and for the interfaces used by customers.

The average values are given in milliseconds in each case. For information on the availability of the interfaces, please refer to the service level targets.

KPIs PSD2 Portal

Berenberg PSD2 Open Banking 725 545 260
Wealth Management Portal 786 1065 ./.
FinTs 102 531 ./.

Quarterly statistics

The quarterly statistics on the availability and performance of the dedicated interface and on the interfaces used by customers are available for download below: