Investment Solutions

Multi Asset

We understand that managing your business, your career and your life is hard – you are carrying a heavy weight, but you’ve excelled. Perhaps it’s an art-form, but doubtless, you’ve got where you are by taking risk in a field you know well.

We also understand that the prospect of looking after your investment can be daunting. What does risk mean here? How will you find the time to master this subject? Can you hire someone to do it for you? If so, you need to trust that your portfolio managers take risk & opportunity as seriously as you do.

Multi Asset Strategies

  • Each investment strategy can invest in a range of asset classes encompassing equities, bonds, alternative investments and cash
  • Investment approach encapsulates active top-down asset allocation with bottom-up security selections
  • Active equity selection with a focus on the UK and Europe; use of specialist funds and trackers where appropriate selected by specialist fund selectors
  • Strategies designed to accommodate multiple risk profiles

Equity Strategies

We focus unwaveringly on investing in companies with a long-term horizon in mind.

All of our investments are based on comprehensive analyses and close interaction with members of these companies’ top management. We are twelve portfolio managers with longstanding experience in equities managing nine funds.

Our Expertise

  • Stringent philosophy

    • Active management approach independent of benchmark indices
    • Disciplined buy-and-hold approach
    • Adherence with ESG and sustainability standards
  • Investment focus

    • High-quality companies with
      • high organic growth rates
      • robust balance sheets
      • outstanding profitability
      • strong competitive position
    • Long-term structural growth drivers
  • Our equity expertise

    • Proven expertise in companies of all market caps
    • Tried-and-tested “growth/quality” investment concept
    • Excellent performance results and highly experienced team
    • Concentrated portfolios

Risk-focused solutions

As one of the oldest banks in the world, risk management is part of our DNA.

We strive for continuous evolution. Our survival rests on finding ways to apply our experience and love of innovation in finding risk management solutions fit for you – our valued customer.

Currency Overlay

  • Since 2006, we have been offering professional investors passive and active FX overlay solutions that have been successfully implemented in bespoke mandates.

Equity Overlay

  • Our industry leading risk overlay capabilities allow our clients to address some of the risks inherent in owning assets, be it the risk of currency depreciation in overseas assets, duration risk in fixed income instruments or equity market risk in equity portfolios.

Important notice: The value of investments, and any income can fall, as well as rise, so you could get back less than you invested. Neither capital nor income is guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.