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"As an active manager, one of our distinguishing features is a strong and well-founded opinion. We communicate our assessments and analyses transparently and always up-to-date in our publications."

Professor Dr Bernd Meyer, Chief Investment Strategist & Head of Multi Asset


Horizon Q4 2021
The powerful recovery continues despite temporary setbacks. The prevailing scepticism about growth in the third quarter seems exaggerated.



Stronger synchronisation of equities and government bonds is also likely to shape the coming years
For a long period, government bonds with a long duration offered the almost perfect hedge against price losses in risk…

Markets | Monitor

Despite S&P all-time highs, the VIX stubbornly holds above the 15 mark
Many equity regions have continued to edge upwards recently, thanks to positive earnings revisions, ongoing inflows and share buyback programmes. The…

Horizons Handout

The Berenberg Capital Markets Outlook │Wealth and Asset Management September
Compact outlook on capital markets, economics, stocks, bonds, commodities…

Investment Committee Minutes

From all-time high to all-time high
Many equity regions continued to edge upwards in August thanks to positive earnings revisions, ongoing inflows and…


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