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Our customers benefit from the extensive expertise of our top-class experts. On this page you will find current articles on our market assessments.

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"As an active manager, one of our distinguishing features is a strong and well-founded opinion. We communicate our assessments and analyses transparently and always up-to-date in our publications."

Professor Dr Bernd Meyer, Chief Investment Strategist & Head of Multi Asset


Q4 2020 │Vaccination hopes
If a coronavirus vaccine is approved, a globally synchronised recovery will probably become the dominant theme for capital markets.


The golden age continues
“Towards gold throng all, to gold cling all, yes all” – after a rise of 20% in euros, this Goethe quote seems to be proving true again. Gold is one of the bestperforming assets this year. In view…

Markets | Monitor

Seasonality - best period for equities is just around the corner
October has so far been much better than September; and the second half of October is even more positive for stock markets, at least historically speaking.

Horizons Handout

Capital Markets Outlook by Berenberg’s Wealth and Asset Management
Compact outlook on capital markets, the economy, equities, bonds, commodities and…

Investment Committee Minutes

Return potential despite volatility
Volatility on the stock markets remains high. In September, the VIX volatility index for US equities remained above…


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