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Our customers benefit from the extensive expertise of our top-class experts. On this page you will find current articles on our market assessments.

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"As an active manager, one of our distinguishing features is a strong and well-founded opinion. We communicate our assessments and analyses transparently and always up-to-date in our publications."

Professor Dr Bernd Meyer, Chief Investment Strategist & Head of Multi Asset


Horizon Q4 2021
The powerful recovery continues despite temporary setbacks. The prevailing scepticism about growth in the third quarter seems exaggerated.



Short-term bonds - more (value) than liquidity substitute
The negative interest rate environment will probably accompany us for around a decade in total. Current market expectations show that positive Euro…

Markets | Monitor

Back and forth in bond and gold markets
Option expiries often mark turning points. Options market maker tend to influence stock markets less afterwards because the number option contracts to be hedged lessen. The market…

Horizons Handout

The Berenberg Capital Markets Outlook │Wealth and Asset Management December
Compact outlook on capital markets, economics, stocks, bonds, commodities…

Investment Committee Minutes

Strong reporting season supported equity markets
A weak September has been followed by a strong October. Investor sentiment has improved significantly…


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