Our Corporate Banking serves SMEs and companies close to capital markets. In addition to traditional corporate client business, we also have special capabilities in shipping, real estate, infrastructure & energy and structured finance. We also set up credit funds to give third party investors the option of investing in loans with us. Our focus is on structured finance, shipping loans and energy projects.

Corporate Banking
Tobias Bittrich
Telephone: +49 40 350 60 8230

In our services for family-owned companies and public corporations, in addition to comprehensive strategic and long-term consulting our focus is on the following:

  • Liquidity disposition and individual short- and long-term asset investment concepts
  • Neutral financial advisory: Optimisation of financing structures and selection of instruments
  • Intelligent risk management solutions for interest, currency and forex
  • Structured finance
  • SEPA and international payments, cash management, international documentary business
  • Equipment financing

Our services often transition seamlessly from corporate matters to advising the owners and shareholders behind the company.

Corporate Clients

Corporate Banking (Corporate Clients)
Stephan Grube
Telephone: +49 40 350 60-8034
Michael Große Siebenbürgen
Telephone: +49 40 350 60-556

International clients like shippers, ship management companies, agents, brokers, and P&I clubs appreciate our fast, flexible, expert and dependable assistance.
Our services include:


  • Cash management
    • International payments: Managing ship’s accounts (like wage or cash-to-master payments), multibank-capable electronic banking software
    • Liquidity management: Daily and term deposits in all common currencies and short-term equipment financing
    • Special projects, such as sale and purchase transactions
  • Forex, interest and currency management
    • Spot and term trades
    • Strategic securing of currency and interest positions
  • Individual arrangement of terms

Ship financing as well as short and medium-term financing of second-hand tonnage

Guarantee business (e.g. arrest, release call, process and other payment guarantees)

Philipp Wünschmann
Telephone: +49 40 350 60-128

The specialists in our Structured Finance team assist financing projects by listed and owner-operated SMEs.
Our team is marked by discretion, capital market experience and a focus on SME clients. We do not aim to replace house banks, but to supplement their services. The loans we structure generally exceed 10 million euros and sometimes reach into the triple-digit millions. We also assist corporations and financial investors with financing projects associated with the acquisition of domestic companies or parts of companies. In addition to conventional takeovers of one company by another, transactions may involve management buy-outs or buy-ins.

Financial Advisory
The Structured Finance team has a long track record with structuring and transactions, and combines experience with overall corporate financing with broad capital market expertise.
We assist companies with ongoing as well as transaction-specific financing questions. Our comprehensive advisory spectrum ranges from analysis and optimisation of the existing financing structure to the identification of suitable financing instruments per individual client requirements. We act as independent advisors in discussions with banks, and examine all financing documents for commercial validity and market viability.

Structured Finance

Henning Tietjen
Telephone: +49 40 350 60-8251
James Staunton
Telephone: +49 69 91 30 90-393

Our Infrastructure & Energy team advises clients and investors in all questions around transactions, financing and projects. We help with the structuring and acquisition of own and third-party capital for energy and infrastructure projects, drawing from our wide network of contacts to banks, institutional and strategic investors, family offices, manufacturers, suppliers and technical specialists. We also provide special solutions like project bonds, KAGB/AIFMD-compliant investment vehicles and mezzanine financing.

We assist with projects in these areas:

  • Energy (photovoltaic, onshore/offshore wind, bioenergy, storage systems, energy efficiency)
  • Networks (telecommunications, gas, electrical)
  • Environmental (waste to energy, water and wastewater systems)
  • Infrastructure (roads, tunnels, bridges, ports, airports, social infrastructure)
  • Transportation & logistics (railways, logistics centres, tank farms)
Infrastructure & Energy

Olaf Lüdemann
Telephone: +49 40 350 60-8778

We are available to selected project developers and builders, with whom we also work in other areas, for short and medium-term financing of commercial and residential construction projects with land-purchase loans and construction bridging loans.
Our focus is on projects with volumes preferably over 5 million euros in good central locations in North Germany, especially Hamburg.
Close accompaniment of construction by a qualified team and short decision paths enable us to react to client wishes quickly and flexibly.

Real Estate Financing

Dieter Duncker
Telephone: +49 40 350 60-552

Our experienced, qualified staff provide smooth processing of national and international payment transactions for domestic as well as foreign trading and shipping companies operating internationally.

Our participation in the ECB Euro Clearing Process (TARGET2) and the Euro Banking Association EBA (STEP1/EURO1), and our globe-spanning network of correspondent banks, enable us to handle all commercial transactions in almost any currency and part of the world, quickly and reliably.

In addition to familiar forms of domestic and foreign payment settlement (transfers, debit notes, cheques), we also offer clients the advantages of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

The Berenberg Corporate Portal, MultiCashTM and our online banking offer three ways clients can facilitate electronic payments, ensuring fast, secure and efficient data and information exchange.

In the document business, we provide reliable and fast settling of collection and letter of credit transactions.

Berenberg Corporate Portal

The Berenberg Corporate Portal is a multibank-capable eBanking system for corporations that enables the integration of all German company accounts. The portal allows review, initiation and release of payment transactions, so that you can coordinate them independent of time or place, all with the accustomed data security.

We also offer the portal as a smartphone app that lets you use selected functions, like reviewing and releasing payments, and authentication when logging onto the portal.

Benefits of the portal

  • At a glance: Your bank accounts in Germany
  • Web-based solution: No need for decentrally installed software
  • Central data handling: A clear overview of accounts provides for high transparency in financial processes
  • Maximum security: The highest European encryption standards like EBICS and double authentification on two separate devices ensure that sensitive data remain safe.

Are you looking for a multibank-capable eBanking system for your company? Take a look at what the Berenberg Corporate Portals offers in this video.

Payment Transactions / Documentary Business
Payment Transactions / Documentary Business
Andreas Thöne
Telephone: +49 40 350 60-373