Germany - Stability in the Heart of Europe

Andreas Strobl and Sebastian Leigh, fund managers responsible for the two German equity funds at Berenberg on Germany as a business location.

The mood of observers about Germany's situation currently fluctuates between
doom and gloom and excessive admiration. Even if many have already predicted Germany's demise due to the problems in the automotive industry, there have recently been increasing signs that Germany is coping better with the current corona crisis than many other countries in the Western hemisphere. However, the reason for this lies neither in a positive nor a negative view, but rather in the basic characteristics of the country: Germany is a stable, slow-growing but at the same time successful country. This stability is based primarily on two pillars: The large number of highly specialized and flexible medium-sized companies and the decentralized economic and political system. These factors are often overlooked when the focus is only on the country's export rates or its dependence on individual manufacturing sectors such as the automotive industry.

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Andreas Strobl
Portfolio Manager
Sebastian Leigh
Portfolio Manager

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Berenberg Aktien Deutschland R A

LU0146485932 | 542188
Date: 28.05.2024
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Performance 1 year: 3.32%
Volatility 1 year: 12.66%
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Date: 28.05.2024
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Volatility 1 year: 14.25%
NAV: 146.35 EUR