The accelerated future of the energy transition

Spotlight offers insights into the Berenberg product universe and highlights key topics related to current market developments.

After the sharp reduction of gas supplies from Russia, there is growing concern about a possible energy emergency in Europe during the coming winter.

The war in Ukraine, but also the advancing climate change require an acceleration of the energy transition. The use of renewable energies has become an important factor for national security in Europe. In this Spotlight edition, Bernd Deeken, portfolio manager and specialist for sustainable equities, examines the renewables energy sector under the current circumstances and places recent market changes in our investment context. Using examples such as wind turbine manufacturers or renewable energy producers, it explains what investors should look out for in their investment decisions.

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Bernd Deeken
Portfolio Manager


We consistently invest in high-growth companies that make a positive contribution to tackling global challenges facing the environment and society. Smaller, very sustainable companies are often neglected and undervalued. You too can take advantage of this and get involved in this value creation process at an early stage.

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