Equity markets ignore economic risks

Concise summary of the assessments and allocation results of the Investment Committee of Berenberg Wealth and Asset Management – Transparent insights

Published: monthly

At a glance


  • Bank turmoil triggers mild credit crunch and sends US economy into mild recession. Recovery in 2024.
  • Europe has mastered the winter without a gas shortage. New upswing from summer. Inflation slowly declining.
  • Central banks: Bank turmoil leads to lower interest rate peak. US Fed cuts rates from end of 2023, ECB rates remain high.


  • Equity markets rise despite banking and recession worries. Defensive and growth stocks ahead of value and cyclicals.
  • Economic challenges and monetary policy increase the likelihood of negative summer seasonality.
  • Underweight appropriate with less attractive risk-reward profile. Relative potential in emerging market equities.


  • Yields on safe government bonds fall in the face of banking and economic worries. Ten-year treasuries yield below 3.5%.
  • Financial bonds suffer from bank worries. Sharp rise in risk premiums. Emerging-market local currency bonds preferred.
  • We remain slightly underweight in bonds. Investment-grade corporate bonds and emerging-market bonds preferred.


  • Gold a big beneficiary of banking sector worries. Gold and silver with potential on Fed reversal.
  • Structural oil shortage widened by OPEC cuts. US driving season brings seasonal tailwind to oil.
  • Industrial metals suffer from economic worries. Potential in the medium term with a stronger Chinese recovery.


  • Interrupted by the turbulence in the banking sector, the euro is now continuing its upward trend.
  • The euro consolidates its position against the pound above the 0.85 pound per euro mark.
  • Hardly any movement in the EUR/CHF currency pair. The upward potential for the euro remains limited.