Professional Investments

Berenberg Asset Management offers private and institutional investors innovative concepts and professional risk management strategies. Our experts develop solutions that are specifically configured for your needs and address your return, risk and liquidity goals, focussing preferentially on selected areas where we have especially deep knowledge. We combine different investment styles – discretionary and quantitative – under one roof, and execute them in asset management mandates, segregated accounts and mutual funds.

Discretionary investment strategies are based on fundamental management decisions, taking into account macro- and microeconomic data. From that we develop strategic and tactical market opinions which we execute in the form of an allocation, most especially in our multi-asset strategies. We select individual securities through fundamental bottom-up analysis, drawing on a wide range of in-house and outside research, as well as the long experience of our multiple award-winning portfolio managers.

Discretionary Investments

Quantitative investment strategies are rule-based and follow a clearly defined process. All investment decisions are made systematically and objectively. They are transparent, free of emotional influences, and always clearly understandable for investors.
Our equity selection model identifies individual stocks that appear fundamentally undervalued, have shown a high resistance in falling market phases and are currently in an attractive trend phase.
We also use quantitative selection and allocation models with success in fixed income portfolios. In the multi-asset strategy, the allocation of investment classes is dynamically adjusted to the market environment in accordance with the set risk budget.
All strategies remain under ongoing risk management to monitor and control the respective portfolio risks.

Quantitative Investments

Active overlay management makes it possible to systematically manage and hedge currency, equity, interest rate and commodity risks within a portfolio. Execution is done independently of the underlying assets in a separate overlay portfolio, using transparent and highly liquid derivatives like futures and forwards.
We are among the leading providers of overlay management solutions, and have been using these strategies successfully since 2002 for investors in various managed accounts. 

Overlay Management

Like other liquid alternatives, volatility strategies deliver an alternative and independent performance to  traditional asset classes. That makes them in demand by return-orientated investors in periods of high volatility and low market returns. Used properly, they can increase yield and reduce portfolio risk.
Our volatility strategy takes advantage of capital market fluctuations to offer attractive opportunities that can provide stable earnings and diversify a portfolio. In order to make volatility investable as an alternative source of returns, we sell options so that we can systematically collect volatility risk premiums across multiple markets. The volatility risk premium is comparable to an insurance premium on the capital market.
A stringent and transparent management to limit risk during unfavourable market phases is a fundamental element in our volatility strategy.

Volatility Strategies

Berenberg offers first-class basic solutions and specialised individual fund strategies for your portfolio. You can get a look at our offerings and our investment philosophy here.


For our Asset Management clients we also offer access to special, mostly exclusive liquid and illiquid investment opportunities.
Participate in interesting new issues, invest in infrastructure & energy, or profit from our special knowledge in the investment classes art and real estate or our participation in interesting financing solutions such as ship loan funds. Our special solutions adhere to the highest standards of quality and transparency.

Exclusive access

Equity funds in the spotlight

Equity investments offer return opportunities, but are also subject to higher fluctuations. Our experienced fund managers for German and European stocks and small caps pursue a clear investment philosophy. They epitomise fundamental equity analysis, a long-term investment horizon and continuous risk management.

House View

A compact summary: How our Asset Management and macroeconomics experts view the capital markets in the current month.

Economics: The global upswing continues.
Equities: After the correction, the volatile bottom-forming phase continues.
Bonds: Bond yields can be expected to rise further in the medium term.
Commodities: Outlook dampened by worries about a trade war.
Currencies: Currency markets are looking for orientation.

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Current Investment Ideas

We invest in a wide range of investment classes and strategies. They are the building blocks of your portfolio, allowing us to develop individual investment concepts, combine strategies for a perfect fit, and tune them to meet the needs and wishes of the investor. Here we present selected investment ideas for the current market environment.


Investors have different needs and individual goals. The market environment, laws and regulations have a major influence on the capital investment decisions of private and institutional investors. Our experienced team understands these challenges, and can develop the ideal investment solutions with and for you.

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